Stratos Gerakakis

Installing Virtualbox on Ubuntu Server 10.04

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Oct 22 2010

Wanna install Virtualbox on a headless Ubuntu server?

First do a:

sudo aptitude install libcurl3 libgl1-mesa-glx libqt4-network libqt4-opengl libxcursor1 libxinerama1 libxmu6 libsdl1.2debian

Then download the appropriate .deb for your architecture from

Finally, install with:

sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-3.2_3.2.10-66523~Ubuntu~lucid_amd64.deb

(Ok, I installed virtualbox 3.2 on a 64 bit server, yours might vary)

Extra credit

If you want to make your life REAAALY easy you should also install phpvirtualbox on the host Ubuntu server and get a shiny web based GUI administration screen that looks almost exactly like the native GUI Virtualbox application.