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Recording Streaming Audio

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Apr 25 2011

My choice of Ubuntu tools for recording, splitting and tagging streaming audio.


streamripper: Command line tool. Excellent choice since it makes it so easy to schedule recordings with it::

$ streamripper URL -d /home/stratos/outRec -l 7800 -d /dir/to/save -t –xs-none

  • -l 7800: The duration of the recording (in seconds)
  • -d /dir/to/save: Directory where to save the stream.
  • -t: Do not overwrite files in recording folder.
  • –xs-none: Do not try to find silent parts in the recording

Of course adding to cron is quite easy::

$ crontab -e 0 6 * * 1 streamripper URL -options for recording every Monday morning at 6.


audacious: Audio player that has a nice Left-Right cursor key playback to easily find the places in the stream recording that you want to split/cut. Mark the Start and End Time from the recording that you made.

mp3spl: Using the Start and End Times from above, use them to split the recording. Don’t bother with the mp3splt-gtk gui app::

$ mp3splt recording.mp3 65.36 124.33 -a -o finalRecording

  • 65.36: The start time from the original recording that the split will start
  • 124.33: The end time from the original recording that the split will end.
  • -a: This option will slightly adjust the start and end time to fall on a silent period.
  • -o finalRecording: The final splitted file.


easyTag: Use it to put mp3 tags in the final recording. Actually, any tagger would do. This is a, well, easy one!

Happy recordings!