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Moving to Arch

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Aug 22 2014

Well the time to move-on has finally come.

After being a faithfull Ubuntu user since Warty Warthog, Ubuntu 4.10 back in 2004, (wow, already a decade ago) it is time to move on.

There are multiple online posts complaining about the direction Ubuntu has taken over the last years, but I’ll just quickly state my own reasons.

  • Tired of constantly upgrading the system every six months. Although considerable effort is being taken to provide smooth upgrades, usually the procedure to upgrade a system takes the better part of a day. That is, if everything goes well. After almost 20 upgrades I had some gone awry on me, which really adds to the burden of updating the system. And that’s only for one system. Multiply that be 5-6 times, for all my servers, desktops, laptops and the amount of work really adds up.

  • Ever since the move to Unity (which I don’t like at all) I have been using Gnome3. With Ubuntu I am forced to stay a couple of version behind, since the repositories do not include the latest version. Some thing with other packages that do not have the latest versions updated in the repos.

  • In the last two or three Ubuntu releases I get a lot of “Sorry, Ubuntu has experienced an internal error” popups that are really annoying. Same hardware, same settings but a lot of these errors. And very vague descriptions of what went wrong.

So I decide it is time to move to another distro. Reading many nice things online about Arch and after trying it in a Virtualbox machine I decided to take the plunge. I took a shortcut though, and installed Antergos which is a very nicely packaged version of Arch with a gui installer that automatically installs a Desktop Environemnt for you. All done in the Arch way so the end result is well documented.

More posts as the time passes by…