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This is pulled from the latest version of my info on LinkedIn, right after they got acquired by Microsoft on Jul 2016. Just the straw that broke the camel’s back, that was the required nudge to make me drop LinkedIn.

Nothing valuable there anyways, except constant headhunter requests to get linked, and an awfull LinkedIn interface to “trick” you into linking with any stranger there and ever increasing pathetic attempts to make you a paying customer by an ever increasing removal of features.

Judging from the fate of Skype, Sunrise, SwiftKey(?) this won’t be getting any better now anyways, so…


Application Developer and Project Manager in a wide variety of web based projects and back end server solutions. Many years of experience producing well structured code and managing small teams of developers, providing elegant solutions to intimidating problems.


Planetek Hellas

Service Manager, Technical Lead, Senior Software Engineer
November 2013 – Present (2 years 8 months)
Madrid Area, Spain

Working onsite ESAC, ESA (European Space Astronomy Center, European Space Agency), Madrid, Spain​, as a Service Manager and Technical lead for Planetek Hellas ESA projects.​


Science Archives Publication System is a rich Internet Application that aims to provide an automated process of linking scientific publications with ESA’s astrophysics and planetary Missions and Observations, as well as business analytics based on the generated information.

Java based development based on Spring based backend running on Tomcat and Google GWT as the frontend, backed by Postgresql database, with searching capabilities provided by ElasticSearch and integration with multiple ESAC Archive AIO systems


PLAnck Added Value Interfaces Project with the intention to allow users to apply various post-processing to PLANCK data before downloading them from the Planck Legacy Archive (PLA) hosted at ESAC.

  • The functionality of the PLAAVI will also allow users to reprocess the science data in a manner different from what is done by the Planck data processing centre and thereby generate their own products. A list of the available Added Vale Interfaces (AVIs) provided will be:

    • Noise Map Cut-out
    • Effective Beam Averaging on Map Cut-out
    • Unit Conversions
    • Color Corrections
    • Planck Sky Model (PSM)
    • Map Making
    • Component Separation
  • All infrastructure running on clustered installation of Docker containers and integrated with the existing PLA archive website​

Python based development of a distributed service oriented system, backed a fully restful API server and MongoDB, Redis with dashboards provided by Grafana.

Startup Company

Technical Lead, Senior Software Engineer
February 2013 – October 2013 (9 months)
Athens, Greece

  • Building an online e-commerce site for airline and hotel ticket reservations.
  • Integration to third party services through SOAP web services.
  • Multiple backend cache systems (memcache, ElasticSearch, Redis)
  • Hosted on Amazon EC2. Clustered implementation through multiple application and cache servers. Database in Amazon RDS.
  • Faceted search interface with Jquery, ElasticSearch, Twitter Bootstrap.

Project was developed in Symfony2 PHP framework.

Senior Software Engineer
August 2012 – November 2012 (4 months)
Athens, Greece

  • Lead Engineer responsible for architecting and implementing a Java backend service to integrate web service communications with Amadeus CRS/GDS (Computer Reservation System, Global Distribution System).
  • Implemented optimized workflow in order to minimize amount of communication between travel agency and reservations system.
  • Successfully passed the implemented solution through the Amadeus certification process before the system can be taken online.

Work was done with Java, with Spring framework and Apache Axis Soap protocol.

Software Engineer March 2012 – July 2012 (5 months)
Athens, Greece

  • Worked developing a caching and indexing service based on Solr (search and indexing service based on Apache Lucene).
  • Developed formulas for scoring and boosting results, calculating facets and implementing fuzzy searches on autocomplete text boxes.
  • Also optimized various parts of the website using memcache techniques.

Coding was done in PHP with the Yii PHP framework.


Development Manager
September 2006 – May 2011 (4 years 9 months)
Athens, Greece

  • Excellent knowledge of both RIS and PACS workflows and requirements.
  • Developed algorithms for image orientation, multi-parameter series synchronization, MPR and MIP calculations, image annotations, image sorting, etc.
  • Designed automated appointment scheduler for medical appointments, server based CD/DVD burning solution, customized integration with customer’s HIS systems, DICOM study auto-forwarding, customized DICOM worklist integration, etc

Project was Java based with Swing GUI

Emphasis Systems

Consultant / Software Engineer
April 2003 – August 2006 (3 years 5 months)
Athens, Greece

  • Participation as software engineer in the project Weight Info (Java servlets, JADE ontologies)
  • Participation as software engineer in the project eRemedy (Java user interface applet, hardware-software interaction, telemedicine environment)

Projects: CARE-PATHS, Carditis, Weight-Info, E-Remedy


Web Design Instructor
February 2001 – March 2002 (1 year 2 months)
Athens, Greece

  • Instructor for Web Design classes, teaching HTML and Flash Actionscript.

Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania

Software Engineer
February 2000 – February 2001 (1 year 1 month) Chania, Crete, Greece

  • Developed and implemented the Institute’s website.
  • Designed the intranet so that the departmnets could share information.
  • Developed the Herbarium Management system (TCL/TK based).

enCommerce Inc / Entrust

Software Engineer
December 1996 – November 1999 (3 years)
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

  • Acted as the main engineer for all Graphical User Interface efforts.
  • Developed the Administration Application GUI for getAccess (enCommerce main product).
  • Researched and eventually developed concurrent GUI and CLI (Command Line Interface) for the same product.
  • Improved the graphical representation of the topology mapping of a network distributed installation of getAccess.
  • Lead Engineer in localization to Japanese.

Kapalua Consulting

Consultant / Software Engineer
July 1996 – December 1996 (6 months)
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

  • Developed and supported a travel agency web site using HTML and Perl.
  • Installed and supported various versions of web servers.

University of San Francisco

Systems Programming TA
January 1992 – May 1992 (5 months)
San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Created role model answers of the given projects to be used as reference.
  • Maintained office hours to assist students with their homework.
  • Read and corrected lab assignments.



Oracle Healthcare Transaction Base (HTB) Training
(16-20 November, 2009)


(In strictly alphabetical order)

Agile, Agile Methodologies, AJAX, Amadeus GDS, Amazon Web Services, Apache, Bash, BIRT, CSS, Distributed Systems, Docker, Drupal, Eclipse, ElasticSearch, Git, Google App Engine, Hibernate, HTML 5, Integration, Jasper Reports, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Kibana, Linux, Logstash, Mercurial, MySQL, OOP, Perl, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, Rancher, REST, Smarty, SOAP, Solr, Spring, Subversion, Symfony, TeamCity, Web Applications, Web Development, Web Services, wxPython, Yii, ZeroMQ


PADI Open Water Diver
PADI, License 991170****
May 1999


University of San Francisco
Bachelor’s, Computer Science, Mathematics Minor
1989 – 1994

Eniaio Polykladiko Lykeio at Chania
High School degree
1986 – 1988


Greek: Native or bilingual proficiency
English: Native or bilingual proficiency
Spanish: Elementary proficiency

Additional Info


Board Games, Reading, Music, Bicycling, Traveling, Scuba diving, Digital Photography.

Personal Details

Birthday: 1970
Marital Status: Married

Advice for Contacting Stratos

Please note: I only link with people that I personally know and have met. I’m not linking with random people, and the only exception is for people who are properly introduced to me by a common acquaintance.

Your linkedin invitation will be brutally rejected otherwise, so brace for it. Have a nice day :)